"His last moaning of pain endlessly echoes in my ears " Devastating loss for Gaza journalist husband
Jounalist Khaled Hamad
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By : Maram Humaid 

Gaza, ALRAY - Hala does not stop texting her husband begging him to answer, "Please dear, our coming baby and I are waiting for you,” but  with no answer.

After more than 25 days of his death, Hala could not believe that her beloved husband
"Khaled" has gone and will never return. 

Khaled Hamad, 25, a photojournalist who was newly wedded to Halaa Shehada,21, a third year journalism student, four months ago. The couple is expecting their first baby after six months.

Khaled was killed along with a paramedic when many missiles hit the ambulance they were in. That was on the day of AlShuijaia massacre on the 20th of July, 2014, one of the bloodiest days of the third Israeli offensive on the Gaza strip. 

With tearful eyes and quivering voice, Hala said, "Khaled used to go everyday to cover the news with his camera since the beginning of the attack. He was working with an" Continue Agency  on a film documenting the paramedics' work during war times.”

She silenced the whispers of memories and continued, "I tried many times to stop him from going out, begging him to stay with me, but he always mockingly smiled saying that I'll be happy when I see the film [it is fantastic], then he goes.”

In the morning of the horrible day of AlShujaia massacre, Hala tried to call her husband several times but with no answer. She texted him, but he did not respond. 

Restlessly, she opened TV on AlJazeera channel to follow the recent news only to see a bloody body wearing a press vest. She screamed her lungs out, "Khaled!!"
Her in-laws around her said, “No! It is not him!" But she insisted, "No! It is Khaled, I know his camera, this camera is Khaled's [Pointing to the TV] "

The family did not intake it unlike Hala who called her parents and brothers telling them that her husband Khaled was killed. 

"I was crying. So hard. I was sure that the corpse was Khaled’s. The worst thing was that I'd known it all by myself, no one informed me. On the contrary, I was the one who shouldered the responsibility of telling others about my loss.”

Khaled filmed himself while bleeding to death as he was severely injured. The track of Khaled's death is about 4 hours long documenting his last life moments, where the sound of heavy shelling was clearly heard in the background.

Hala watched her husband's last moments' video several times, yet she refuses to publish it now, “I received the video after about 10 days of Khaled's death, but I chose to wait until things get better then to publish it," she added, "The track is powerful, and  exposes Israel's crimes of deliberate targeting of journalists and paramedics. I'm a journalist and I'll ask for my husband's right in the international courts.”

She paused then said bursting into tears, “I can't imagine that Khaled suffered painful injuries and bled to death, his last moaning of pain endlessly echoes in my ears.”