Palestinian cartoons of "Right of Return"
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Gaza, Alray - The Gaza-based journalist and caricaturist Samar Al-Areer portrayed the Palestinian commitment to their right of return on the 65th anniversary of Nakba (Catastrophe). 

Al-Areer commented by saying "feather refuses but to share worries and sorrows with the Palestinian people, remembering al-Nakba, where they were forcibly replaced from their homes and by the Israeli gangs,"

These days, upon 65 years of occupation, word, pen, and feather are striving altogether to remind the world of an established right that a longing people is standing behind, and waiting for it: Return.

Nakba events see the Zionist movement's occupation of most of the lands of Palestine, and its expulsion of nearly 750 thousand Palestinians, used to be called 'Refugees'.

Establishment of (State of Israel) followed dozens of massacres, atrocities, looting, and demolition of more than 500 villages and destruction of major Palestinian cities, which were relocated by Jews from around the world.

The day coincides also with displacing Bedouin tribes of the occupied Negev, and represents an attempt to destroy the Palestinian identity and to replace the Arabic geographical names with Hebrew ones and to distort the Arab landmarks through creating a European landscape.

 A Palestinian child plays with cubes trying to form 'return key', in hope of a soon return to his town of origin

 A Palestinian child plays with cubes trying to form 'return key', in hope of a soon return to his town of origin


  An old Palestinian mother trying to assure her grandsons of an approaching return on the 65th anniversary of Nakba



 A Palestinian teacher pointing to a phrase reading "we're ready for the day of return"



 ِ A picture referring to 'train of return' which symbolizes a timeline of the Palestinian dream marching towards reality  



 A Palestinian refugee, carrying 'return key', is assured of a promising return to his town of origin



 Palestinian forefathers are handing in 'Return Keys" to their sons. The Keys stand as tokens of the Palestinian lands which have been dispossessed by the Israeli armed gangs.