Proposals to supply Gaza with gas to run electricity power
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Gaza, ALRAY - Senior Israeli sources stated Wednesday that Israeli occupation is seriously considering supplying the Gaza Strip with gas to run the electricity power station instead of using Diesel.

Walla Hebrew site quoting the source as saying that there are two choices to provide Gaza with natural gas, either by supplying it from the gas field off the coast of Ashkelon or through a pipeline from the city of Ashkelon.

The talks is about supplying Gaza with more than one billion cubic meters of gas annually.

The source explained that the project is proposed by the Former Quartet Representative Tony Blair and Qatar. Israeli occupation is studying the proposal and that Qatar will cover the coasts of the project.

According to Walla site the chairperson of the Qatari reconstruction committee, Mohammed Emadi will meet the Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the Territories, Yoav Mordechai to discuss the issue.

Security Israeli occupation sources expressed that it prefer changing the diesel with natural gas to run the electricity power station in Gaza, for that gas could not be used in military objects comparing with diesel. 

In case the project is approved, Qatar, EU and US will cover the coasts of it, which amount to billions of dollars.

Mordechai noted that he discusses the project with different ministries to find the best solution for electricity crisis in Gaza. He added that the politicians will say the final word to the matter. 

It is Palestine's gas so Israel should keep their greedy fingers out of it