IOF wages wide arrest campaign to West Bank cities
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces(IOF) waged a wide arresting campaign in different cities of the West Bank , one college students reported among them.

The Human rights activist, Bilal Tamimi reported that the IOF stormed the house of the college student Rula Tamimi in Nabi Salih village to the west of Ramallah and arrested her. They also confiscated her personal Laptop and mobile before taking her to a disclosed location.  

He also reported that the IOF stormed Biet Rima village and arrested Mohammed Arremawe, 25. Violent clashes erupted between the Israeli police and Palestinian youths as they stormed the village.

Ni'lin village to the west of Ramallah, the IOF arrested Suhaib Srur, 16, after storming his family house, it also arrested Muntaser Muteir from Qalandiya  camp to the north of occupied Jerusalem.

The IOF waged an arrest campaign in a daily bases to the West bank cities and villages, arresting students, children, and ex-detainees.  

Violent clashes erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinian youths in Tubas as the Israeli army stormed the city and arrested five Palestinians.

Eyewitness reported that a large force of Israeli army stormed Al-quds bakery in Tubas and arrested all the workers. 

The IOF also stormed the house of the Ex-detainee Mustafa Mislimani , who was deported to Gaza, after being released in Shalit swap deal, and arrested his son and ordered the family to hand his second son.   

In Hebron, the IOF arrested Khaled Abu Maria, 17, after storming a number of the family houses in Biet Ummar, they took him to Karmi Tsur settlement.

The IOF arrested Kefah Azrzour after storming his family house in Abu Sinina neighborhood in Hebron.