Seizing Palestinian bodies is useless: Israeli occupation
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Jerusalem, ALRAY- Israeli occupation security source in the army ministry admitted for the first time that there is no strategic goal of seizing the killed Palestinian corpses, pointing out that the Israeli occupation has reached a point where he does not recognize the IDs of those bodies.

Maariv Israeli Newspaper reported citing the same source saying that the Palestinian corpses do not represent any strategic value for Israel, and handing them over will not affect the exerted efforts to release the bodies of two soldiers in Gaza, Shaul Aaron and Hadar Golden.

"These corpses turned to a burden over us. We have reached a point that we don't know the IDs of those bodies," said the source.

This came aftermath Israeli occupation handed over bodies of a number of Palestinians from Hebron recently, which have turned into mass funeral processions contrary to what was agreed upon with the Palestinian authorities. who pledged to bury the bodies with quiet processions.

Moshe Ya'alon, the Israeli occupation army minister declared last night that the Palestinian authority breached its pledges, when the funeral processions turned into clashes between Israeli army and Palestinians, warning that such an action will affect handing over the remaining corpses.

A member in the Israeli Knesset attacked Ya'alon's decision of handing over the Palestinian bodies, saying that these bodies possibly could be swapped with the Israeli soldiers' bodies trapped in Gaza, as he put it.